A wonderful wedding location…

Union Chapel is available to anyone seeking to locate a Christian setting for their wedding. If you select our church, we will do all within our power to make sure your wedding is a very special day!

Seating information

  • Main floor: approximately 225 guests (14 pews on either side of center aisle, each seating 6-8 adults)
  • Balcony – approximately 50 guests
  • Total seating – approximately 275


  • Fully air-conditioned and heated
  • Elevator reaching both the sanctuary and lower floor
  • Ample parking
  • Children’s playset
  • Level grassy lawns, perfect for outdoor events*
  • Nursery room for childcare*

*Additional fees may apply.

Your service and decorations

We will work with you to design your special day within a Christian context. We’re happy to suggest a wedding service format while giving you the freedom to make changes or propose an alternate. You may select the music you wish to use at your service with the final approval of the music director or the minister. Decorate the sanctuary as you desire (with a few reasonable limitations).

Pastoral Authority

While other ministers are invited to take part in the wedding service (at the discretion of the Union Chapel pastor), the pastor of our church is in charge of all services conducted within our building.

Schedule Your Wedding at Union Chapel

Your wedding will be officially booked on our church calendar when we have the necessary information and a deposit has been received. We encourage you to book your wedding as soon as possible as it is not uncommon for us to book weddings up to a year in advance.

Wedding Guidelines

Wedding Fees

We hope this information will help you select a church to host your wedding.

For wedding fee and further information, please contact us at 317-846-3429 or email the church office ( ).