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Lisa Lorentz

Lisa Lorentz

Director of Operations/Communications

I have come recently to #UnionChapelIndy but my Christian journey has been lifelong. I grew up in a small town as a member of a Presbyterian church... but really, I'm sort of a "Protestant mutt". Small town churches are notorious for combining efforts across denominations so I attended Sunday School with the Lutheran kids and Vacation Bible School with the Free Methodists, Methodists, Lutherans, and Baptists. 

My family includes a wonderful husband and two grown sons... two dogs... two pet rats... two turtles... a tank full of fish... and a host of dust bunnies.

What I have come to love about #UnionChapelIndy is the church's open heart for seekers -- not just the "already-Christians" but also an openness and genuine caring for those who have had little or no Christian experience.  

 You can reach Lisa at