Welcome to our site. It’s been said that the website is the new front porch of the church, so welcome to Union Chapel. We’re glad you’ve stopped by; we hope you’ll want to bookmark our home page and that you’ll look for us on Facebook, too.

Union Chapel is made up of people just like you—people who want relationships, people who want to be accepted for who they are and people who want to know more about life and love and how we fit in with God’s creation. Who is Jesus, and why does He matter 2000 years after He was crucified? So our doors, our minds, and our hearts are open, and we invite you to join with us. And to bring your thought, your opinions, and your questions when you come.

We are working to find new ways and places to connect, and we’ll keep you updated, both on this site and through social media like Facebook and Twitter. We’re always here on Sunday mornings and would love to see you for coffee or tea and donuts at fellowship time or for our worship experiences. Look, also, for times when we might gather for films, for speakers or just for fun, either here or in the community. We look for opportunities to serve in the community, and we’ll be listing those for you, too.

If you have questions, call us or send an email or just stop by sometime. We’d love to get to know you.