Maybe we enjoy superhero stories and movies so much because we get to live, through the superheroes, lives, and experiences that we could not otherwise dream of. For the few moments we spend with a superhero on the big screen, we are stronger, braver, smarter, bolder, and more powerful than as our everyday, ordinary selves. But it's not just comic and movie superheroes who live lives of courage and adventure. Followers of Jesus are called every day to step out boldly and live extraordinary lives of purpose and adventure. It doesn't take a genetic mutation or a run-in with some gamma rays to be a Superhero of the Faith. It only takes a close walk with God, faithfulness in each moment, and willingness to say, "I'm in!" to be made into the bravest superhero and make a difference for God and others. Join the Superheroes of Faith Team! There's a cape waiting just for you! Chapel Connect Link: