Personal Care Pantry at Union Chapel

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Our ministry partners, The Dotted Line Divas, a charitable #extremecouponing group, will be hosting their open Personal Care Pantry days in the Fellowship Hall at Union Chapel on the third Saturday of every month. 

We've had a lot of questions from church members and friends about how the pantry will work and who's eligible to participate. (Spoiler alert: it's everyone!)

Here's the full answer from Jodi Krauss, a DLD board member:

 1) We welcome Families in Need (

We want to help those individuals and families whose budget simply does not allow them the opportunity to afford/purchase these kinds of products from the big box stores. These would be families who attend (or would attend if they could) food pantries or are on government assistance in some form. Or maybe it's a family where both parents are working but still struggling to make ends meet and could use a little help. We do collect information up front from our first-time families if they plan to revisit. Our policies and procedures as well as what we collect can be found if you scroll down a little on this page:


2) We welcome Shoppers

We want to offer our products to those individuals or families who can afford to buy these items in big box stores but would like to get them at an even cheaper cost AND make a difference/give back while doing so. So, I, for example, am a shopper and I get my shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap, etc. from DLD and then I turn around and give a donation back to the organization. I save beaucoup bucks AND keep driving the mission forward with my donation - it's a WIN/WIN. We have a "suggested donation" cost for each item in our pantry and so if a shopper comes in and shops for 20 or so products, we compile their list and say, "You're suggested donation total is $____ but you can make whatever donation you want." Whether that is $2 or $200 dollars it doesn't matter. Any little bit helps Dotted Line Divas in the end. 


This is a ministry that really is a win/win for all! Not only do the Divas offer the pantry, but once a month (on the SECOND Saturday of the month) they are also willing to teach YOU how to do extreme couponing for your own household! Check out our Union Chapel Indy's Facebook events page for the next free Extreme Couponing Class date!

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