20|20 Vision Sunday: August 27th

Posted by Union Chapel Communications Team on

A Landmark Event in the Life of Our Church:

The Vision Team (Andy Charnstrom, Mike Oles, Lisa Lorentz, Carolyn Lorenzoni, Bryan Richards, Dr. Richard Wiehe) has met, prayerfully, over the course of months -- assimilating demographic information, consulting leaders in the United Methodist organization, and researching cultural and worship trends from a historical perspective and on August 8th, the Unified Council enthusiastically adopted the work done by this team as a Vision Statement and Plan.

Don't Miss Union Chapel's 20|20 Vision Celebration. The vision will be introduced to the congregation on August 27th in 10:15 a.m. Worship and a Pitch-in Lunch directly after. Staff members will share the plan to pursue Union Chapel's mission and vision -- and you will have an opportunity to see how you can, too!