A New Partnership: The Garden

Posted by Pastor Elizabeth Gilbert on

August 2, 2021

Dear Friends,

They say that time flies when you are having fun. I’ve found the same to be true when you are engaged with good people in meaningful ministry and mission, as has been the case this last year at Union Chapel Indy. On July 1, I celebrated one year at UCI. Mike and I are so grateful for all this year has been. Thank you for receiving us warmly and for allowing us to join this very special ministry. Thank you, also, for the generous remembrances of the occasion! I am enjoying the new commentary and am still encouraged by your many expressions of love and care. I look forward to what this next year - and beyond - will bring!

If you were in worship this last Sunday you heard a little bit about one thing the future holds for us here at UCI. After much prayer and good conversation with key leaders, the Church Council, Staff, and others, we announced yesterday that UCI will enter into a partnership, of sorts, with The Garden UMC. In the coming weeks, The Garden will begin to rent office space here at the church and use the facility for meetings and some activities. They will also begin to explore what it might mean for them to meet at UCI regularly for worship. God has blessed Union Chapel Indy with a large, beautiful, useful building, and now it seems God has given us another way to use it for Kingdom building. Leadership both here at UCI and at The Garden are excited about this joint venture and the many ways God will use this relationship to bless the community and create even more ways for these congregations to introduce people to Jesus.

At this early stage, there are still many details to work out and questions to answer about how the two congregations will live together in this new arrangement. I am confident that good strategies and solutions will be discovered and implemented for each one. Please reach out to me or any Council member as you might have questions or concerns. We are all so glad to talk with you about this or other things on your mind.

Thank you for keeping this initiative in your prayers, and for keeping an open mind and heart about how God will use us and our beautiful new building to serve others and glorify God. While we can’t know what all the future holds, we know that God is there, already doing and preparing amazing things for us and others.

Also coming in August at UCI - - The Gratitude Path. In worship and small groups, we will discover the power gratitude has for growing us in faith and service. Be in touch with Jacob Tipantasig-Wolverton to find a small group that will fit your schedule ( ). And join us in worship this coming Sunday, August 8, 9:30 a.m., for the first worship experience of The Gratitude Path.

Be in touch any time. You can reach me by email at , or through the church office at 317.846.3429. I would love to hear from you. And thank you, again, for your presence and participation in this ministry.

Rev. Elizabeth Gilbert, Senior Pastor


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