Join us for a self-guided prayer walk on the native prairie installation!

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Open Dawn to Dusk, through September

The Congregation of Union Chapel Indy invites you to enjoy this self-guided Prayer Walk.  There’s no right or wrong way to participate. The walk is loosely organized -- beginning with prayers that concern the self, then others, the community, and finally the world. 

Before you go on your journey, select a prayer ribbon from the trellis. You will learn more about what to do with it at the end of your walk.

Some of the prayer stations feature items of interest to note in the garden or QR codes to scan with your cell phone for more information. As the season progresses, the prairie will change from lush plantings that shelter and nourish wildlife to vital habitat and nesting grounds for the latent phases of beneficial bug and butterfly development. Please be a good neighbor by disturbing the plantings as little as possible.

By spending time in Prayer, we hope you gain peace and a deeper understanding of The Creator. Please return again and again to witness the changes in the garden -- and especially to commune with God in Nature.



We learn in elementary school that big things often have even larger hidden foundations. A towering oak has a deep and wide root system. An iceberg only shows a small portion of itself above the water. But what of those people we see with strong faith, great confidence in God, and unfailing hope in the face of adversity? What do they have hidden away that makes them so resilient?

For people of faith, a deep and rich prayer life is what keeps them stable, grounded, hopeful and peace-filled, in the good times and the bad.