Rupert Boneham Named Director of Youth Ministries/Outreach

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Rupert Boneham is probably a familiar face in your household.

If your child is involved in youth ministries at Union Chapel, he's about to be even more familiar! 

Known to the world for more than a decade as fan-favorite "Rupert", from the reality television show Survivor, Boneham has since funneled his enthusiasm and notoriety back into his first passion: reaching out to kids and changing lives.

In 1983, before appearing on Survivor, Boneham worked with mentally handicapped children in Texas.  In 1991, he established a vocational training center in Indiana for young adults who had been expelled from school.After his experience on Survivor, Boneham used a large percentage of his winnings to establish Rupert's Kids (a Union Chapel community partner), to help at-risk teens. 

Rupert's history with Union Chapel dates back to 1995 when he served as the Union Chapel Cemetery caretaker. Through that position, he learned about Union Chapel United Methodist Church.  He and his wife Laura (whose family are long-time members) were married here in church 1997. 

When asked about his calling to work with youth, Rupert had this to say: For years, my motto has been, "Life is good. Be you. Give back." I want to help the youth understand the importance of participation, in a Christian context, and the positive impact that can have on the world. Union Chapel is a great place to do that.

Union Chapel Youth will meet at the church on the first and third Sundays of each month at 6:00 p.m. 

Additional children's groups are in development for younger kids, as are outreach events for kids in the Nora area.  This summer when school is out, we hope to have daytime kickball, basketball, and whiffle ball tournaments at the church... maybe even whiffle golf, stated Rupert.

You won't want to miss the upcoming Union Chapel Youth fundraising and "friend raising" event -- a Spaghetti meal -- after church service on Sunday, March 5.  The meal is free, but donations are welcome. For more information, call the church office at (317) 846-3429.




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