How do you mark the important events in your life? Post a photo on Facebook so that others can experience it with you? Maybe you like to go old school and print a photo to frame and hang in your home or office. Some take trips to memorable or exotic locations to celebrate milestone events in their lives. Some want a more permanent remembrance such as a piece of jewelry or a tattoo. In the Bible it was common for people to mark important events - especially events where they perceived God to be present and active - with a pile of stones. Stones? Really? Yes, stones. Stones speak to the permanence of God and God's love. On All Saints Sunday we remember and honor those who have been faithful examples of God's presence and love, but have now passed from this world to the next. On All Saints Sunday we remember and celebrate the living stones who have provided a lasting witness to God's goodness in a world that is uncertain and ever-changing. Worship link: Worship link: