Something Beautiful

Today's Worship Experience: Something Beautiful The arts and crafts industry is booming, and DIY-ers are putting a strain on home improvement supplies. With more people at home, and many with extra time on their hands through the pandemic, these industries seem to be at a high point. Stores like Michael's, JoAnn's, and Lowes provide everything from the raw materials to pre-designed projects to completed, inspirational pieces. Facebook pages like "Repurpose + Upcycle = Inspiration" have thousands of followers. A quick search on Pinterest gives ideas for crafting jewelry, home decor, gifts, fashion, and more. We are born with the desire to enhance our lives and environments with beautiful things. Some of us are wired to especially enjoy the creative process. Creativity and beauty are characteristics of the one Creator, the God who created all that is, the God that continues to re-create. Feeling a little blah and bland after a year of pandemic? Join God in the creative process and let God make something new and beautiful in you. Worship Link: