Our sense of smell has the power to turn us away from something, draw us in, and even trigger deep memories. The smell of a musty basement might take us right back to grandma's root cellar where we played hide-and-seek as a child. A delicious smell from the kitchen let's us know that supper is about ready. Certain aromas tell us its time to clean out the refrigerator. Scripture encourages followers of Jesus to be a 'fragrant offering to God,' just like Jesus was. So just what are others smelling as we Christians make our way through the world? Is it a pleasant experience that draws them in and points them to the goodness of God? Or is it not? Does the world's experience of us repel them because it is so unpleasant? The everyday mission of loving our neighbors through acts of kindness goes a long way toward helping the world smell good! Worship Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSFNhUdYCDQ

Everyday is full of details, obligations, responsibilities, and tasks that require our attention and effort. Everyday we brush our teeth, feed our families, go to work, and get at least a little sleep. Everyday we seek to be our best selves, love the people who are important to us, and contribute value to our families, communities, and employers. And everyday - as followers of Jesus - we are called to serve and live like Jesus. Of all the everyday things we do everyday, this last might be the most daunting. To live like Jesus is a tall order! But it is also very doable. The everyday mission of a follower of Jesus is to simply love. And we can do that right where we are, with the people who are already around us. We can answer Jesus’ command to love God and love others through the everyday mission of loving our neighbors through acts of kindness. Join Union Chapel Indy in May to grow in the everyday mission of loving our neighbors. Worship link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxOYOoeHLTU