Superheroes are always landing in the middle of the mess, the chaos, the problem, or the crime to save the day! We wish we had such power to so easily clean up our own lives. Maybe we do... Here in Chapel Connect during July, we are taking a deep dive into the stories of several biblical superheroes. Today we meet Esther who finds herself in her own dilemma. But rather than despairing, she works with God to not only save herself but all the Jewish people living in the land at that time. Superheroes of the Faith don't very often (ever?) save the day by their own power, but with God, there is always a way forward. After you listen to Esther's story, consider keeping a journal of all the ways you are seeing God show up, right in the middle of your mess. God is faithful to God's promise to always be with you and bless you. Just keep your eye out for God! Like, share, and subscribe to stay connected to Union Chapel Indy's Chapel Connect! Chapel Connect Link: