In the United Methodist tradition, every congregation is connected with every other congregation in ministry and mission. We share not only a common heritage but also a common call to serve our communities with grace and love. And on Sunday, December 27, we share a common worship experience! Worship with Union Chapel Indy on Sunday, December 27, 2020, has been crafted and prepared by Indiana's Resident Bishop, Julius Trimble; the Indiana United Methodist Conference Staff; and individuals and groups from around our Indiana United Methodist connection. It is a special opportunity, indeed, to be able to worship with United Methodists from across the state - and beyond! In celebration of Christmas, be blessed as you receive a message from Bishop Trimble, Scripture read by laity and pastors throughout the Conference, as well as contributions by children, musicians, and youth from local United Methodist Churches around the state. May you know joy and peace we continue to celebrate the Christ Child's birth! Merry Christmas! Worship Link: