We often live our lives like desk-drawer organizers. Work concerns stay at work. Family issues stay at home. Travel and leisure have their own space in our lives. Many people use multiple calendars for this very reason—one for work, one for family, etc. But one personal efficiency expert declares, “You have one life; use one calendar.” It’s hard enough to integrate all our activities into one calendar, what will we do with our church stuff, our God stuff? Do you keep it separate from everything else? The questions we have been asking ourselves in The 21-Day Wesley Challenge seem to suggest that we have one life that relates to God, faces internal struggles, and interacts with others in the world. It’s certainly less complicated to bring our one divine love to our one life along with everyone and everything in it. When our one faith is lived out in our one life, the One we follow is revealed and made real... Worship Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uO-oX2go-Pg