It is the job of marketers to convince you that you have some flaw, shortcoming, or need that only their product can fix. Your 'ugly' bathroom needs a facelift.... your dreary life would benefit from a vacation to an exotic and exciting destination.... your limp hair needs the benefits of a new shampoo. And even if we've learned the way of commercial marketers and can resist their perception of who we are and what we need, the world still gives us many expectations to live up to. Images of the perfect home and family; successful career and accomplished children; and healthy, happy, beautiful selves flood our culture and social media feeds. It's tempting to chase after these things. They promise happiness, health, and prosperity. But they seldom deliver. As hard as we try, we won't find contentment and fulfillment in imitating others. We're made in the likeness of God and seeking to imitate God’s 'selfie' is the only image worth pursuing. Worship Link: