At the Table: A Picnic

Sometimes when we meet a person outside of the usual context we might not recognize them. For example, when we encounter the doctor's receptionist at the grocery, we might not recall their name or recognize them at all! Then when they speak, or smile, or extend their hand, the familiarity of those actions place the person for you. Suddenly you remember exactly who they are! Following Jesus' death, no one expected to see him again. Even those closest to him did not understand that he would return, nor what that experience would be like. So when Jesus shows up to walk with two of his followers on the road to Emmaus, they don't recognize him. Only when Jesus performs the familiar act of breaking bread and offering wine to them do they realize who they are with. In Scripture Jesus often revealed himself at the table. He does the same today. Come, have a seat, meet the Master. Worship Link:

At the Table: A Wedding Banquet

Some of our most memorable experiences with friends and family, even strangers, have been around a table. The relaxed conversation shared over good food has a way of drawing us closer together. As we tell stories, hear about the lives of others, ask thoughtful questions, and wonder about life together, we develop deep connections that sustain us when we are away from the table. Jesus knew the power of the table. A close look at the stories of Jesus in the Bible reveals that he spent a great deal of time at the table with all kinds of people. It was there that people were welcomed, fed, loved, encouraged, and even challenged sometimes. It was there that community developed and outsiders found their place. It was at the table that Jesus revealed who he was. Worship Link: