Detours may delay one's arrival, but arrival is assured - and we see and experience some amazing things when we wander off the beaten path; especially when we wander with God! Worship link:

The Art of the Journey: Dead Ends

Have you ever encountered a dead end when you are driving? We all have. And just as surely, we have all experienced dead ends in our lives - those predicaments and situations from which we don't see a way out. But don't despair. We are not alone at those dead ends. Jesus is right there with us. And dead ends are never dead ends with Jesus. Jesus always provides a way forward. Worship Link:

Today's Worship Experience: Have you ever found yourself lost? Or winding your way through unfamiliar territory... feeling very alone. Life - and faith - can feel that way at times. Trust, however, that you are never alone and never without a Guide and Helper. Discovering the Art of the Journey means discovering joy, adventure, and meaning in the journey of life and faith. Worship Link: