In their ordinary, everyday lives, movie superheros live pretty average lives. Clark Kent goes to work everyday as a journalist. Diana Prince worked as a secretary. Bob and Helen Parr live in the suburbs with their three children. Most people around them had no idea of their secret, superhero lives. Only when they don their superhero costumes and save the day with their superpowers do we recognize them as Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Incredibles. Such transformations and their extraordinary feats of power make for a good movie! Making the leap from ordinary to extraordinary seems more than most of us can imagine. We don't have the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound, transform into an Amazonian goddess in an instant, or corral our kids to all smile for the family photo, much less lead them in saving the world! But not all superpowers are so obvious. And not all superheroes wear flashy costumes. The Bible gives us endless stories of people who lived ordinary, unassuming lives until God called - and equipped - them to do something extraordinary. Noah was as ordinary as anyone in his day, but because he trusted God, he saved humanity from extinction. God offers us the same excitement and extraordinary experiences. Grab your cape and join the adventure! Message Link:

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