We know superheroes by the amazing feats they accomplish with their superpowers... Superman can "leap tall buildings in a single bound!" Captain America is super strong. Black Panther is super fast and can see in the dark. Elastigirl can stretch any part of her body and mold herself into different shapes and sizes. Their superpowers tend to be the best known things about these superheroes, even after the details of their lives and stories have faded from memory. What will people remember about us? What stories will people tell about us after the details of our lives have faded from memory? Will they remember how poorly we treated our spouse in the grocery store when we became angry, or will they remember our grace, kindness, encouragement and generosity? Will they remember our drive to succeed or the ways we showed them Jesus' lovingkindness? What stories will people tell about you some day? What superpower will you choose to show the world? Sunday Message Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcMVowVK968&t=3s