Goodness and Mercy

Everything I Have Ever Done

This morning, I want to share a great story from the Bible—from the Gospel of John, Chapter 4, verses 5-30 and 39-42.  It’s a story that appears only in John’s Gospel, and it tells us so much about Jesus, and about God’s desire to be close to us.

All The Families Of The Earth

"...the question I ask you to ask yourself each day this week:  What will be the long-term impact of your faith?"

Nor Shall You Touch It

God, help us to be honest in this moment.  Honest with You.  Honest with ourselves.  Honest with one another. 

What More Are You Doing Than Others?

Jesus is saying that, if we are to follow Him—if we are really, truly to follow Him—then we cannot make “the least I can do” our goal. Christianity isn’t a “least I can do” way of life...

Love today—extravagantly, willingly, joyously, paying the price and offering yet more.

But Who Do You say...?

"And then the most difficult question of all, the one that Jesus did not ask of the disciples, at least not out loud, at least not that day in Caesarea: Who do you say that you are? As you walk through life, writing your own obituary every day, what are you saying about yourself? Who are you claiming to be? Who are you confessing to be?


We cannot expect the world to be righteous if we are not. We cannot expect the world to know righteousness unless we show righteousness to the world.

What We Turn To

Our faithfulness is not measured in what we don’t, but in what we do.

Come And See

We forget this important truth about the people we meet; Jesus is following them, calling them, waiting for them to turn around.